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The Solexx™ New Frame

We have changed our greenhouse frame construction from steel-core to a new composite material. To be more technical, it is a proprietary combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester resin infused with a UV inhibitor. That’s such a mouthful to state that we have found it easier to describe it as “super-strong composite material.” The end result is tubing that looks very similar to PVC, is as easy to cut and screw into as PVC but has the strength and long lasting properties of steel. Yet, it will never rust! Similar formulas of this material are currently being used to replace steel, aluminum and wood in a wide variety of structural applications all over the world.

From Good to Great!

solexx frameMaterial like bridges from Texas to Scotland, a spiral staircase and landing system at the Cordova Park Observation Tower in Iowa, as part of an odor control cover for a waste water treatment plant in Puerto Rico, just to name a few. Aside from building, construction and agriculture, similar formulas are currently being used in the oil and gas, appliance, equipment, chemical processing, consumer recreation, cellular communications, aeronautical defense, air pollution control and electrical industries. In our application, this new tubing is just as strong as our steel core frame was and provides the following benefits:

Frame Benefits

• Corrosion Resistant
• Does not transfer heat or cold to the inside of the greenhouse
• Light weight – weighs 80% less than Steel
• High Strength
• Low Maintenance
• Easier to drill into and cut than steel
• UV Protection
• Light Reflective

It is manufactured by the pultrusion process. In its simplest terms, pultrusion is the process of pulling reinforcements (like fiberglass or other material) through a “bath” of thermosetting resin and into a heated forming-and-curing die to produce composite structural shapes. What all of this “techno-speak” means for you is that you have a dependable, durable, super strong, reflective, easy-to-work with, non-deteriorating frame that provides the perfect reflective light and insulation to keep the plants in our greenhouses, and therefore your customers, very happy!


Super Strong Composite-now in Solexx™ Frames

Solexx Metal FrameHere is an example of how strong and versatile this material is. It is replacing steel in many applications all over the world!




solexx frames


The Pultrusion process creates long lasting, super strong beams or tubes in an unlimited amount of shapes and colors. Our proprietary formula includes UV inhibitors in a white, light-reflective tube.





The Better to Close You With My Dear!

 Our R&D department has been busy making improvements to our greenhouse models. Aside from the great new frame as detailed above, we also improved our greenhouse doors. The new door seats into an aluminum framing system with built-in hinges that is mounted directly to the frame of the greenhouse. The result is a tighter fit for less gapping and unwanted air movement. It also features a new, easier to use door latch for a more professional, finished look.





New, easy-to-assemble steel fittings

The new anodized steel fittings throughout all

solexx steel fittings


New heavy-duty steel door hinges

solexx steel fittings


solexx steel hanging rodNew anodized steel hanging rod brackets

Steel-strong and built to last, our new hanging rod brackets support heavy loads. Each 8 ft. section holds up to 200 lbs. of hanging plants… ideal for over-wintering expensive fuchsia baskets and trailing plants.



Expanded bench frames for more plants
Our unique bench frame system comes with every greenhouse kit.

solexx shelving


New Easy-Flow Louvered Air Vent
Included free with every greenhouse kit.

solexx louver