Solexx Paneling


A Better Greenhouse by Far

solexx panelSolexx™ panels set Farm Wholesale Greenhouses apart from other hobby greenhouses on the market. This modestly-priced covering is strong, durable, and lightweight with many useful applications. This same rugged Solexx™ glazing used on our greenhouse kits is available for do-it-yourself projects. You can create your own cold frame, mini propagation chamber, or custom designed greenhouse.

Our translucent glazing transmit 70-75% soft diffused light, encouraging lush plant growth. The strength of the glazing provides maximum wind and snow protection. The trapped air space in the insulated greenhouse covering provides optimal solar heat collection to keep your heating costs low.

High density polyethylene Solexx™ panels are mildew, water, and chemical resistant and they will not yellow. A double ultraviolet treatment filters out harmful rays and extends the life of the glazing.

Solexx™ Double-Walled Panels

solexx greenhouse panelsA unique feature of our Solexx™ panels is they measure about 4′ 1″ x 8′ 1″ and 4′ 1″ x 12′ 3″. They are oversized to enable you to overlap the sides and ends and still work on 2′ centers. Commercial (5mm) and standard (3.5mm) grades are available. The 5mm panels are more rigid and provide a slightly higher insulation factor. The panels, like most plastics, expand and contract depending on the temperature.


Please call 509-928-9264 to order Solexx™ Panels

NEW! Solexx™ Double-Walled Rolls

The same double-wide panels are now available in continuous rolls! Cover your greenhouse easily and conveniently with continuous greenhouse covering. Just roll it over your greenhouse frame and attach. Rolls are 4′ 1″ wide and can be custom cut to your desired length up to 1000′! Available in 3.5mm and 5mm thicknesses. Sold by the linear foot.

Please call 509-928-9264 to order Solexx™ Panels

* MSRP 2017 Revised Pricing << Click here to zoom Solexx™ Panel  Pricing

* MSRP 2017 Revised Pricing << Click here to zoom Solexx™ Panel  Pricing


solexx h channelUse our snug-fitting white PVC H-Channel to create a custom finish trim that securely joins your panels together. H-Channel clips are used to join the 4′ H-Channel pieces together to make 8′ and 12′ lengths. Cutting down the H-Channel makes shipping affordable.

Model # Description Price
GS-600 4′ H-Channel $3.40
GS-600-C H-Channel Clip $.36


solexx u trimOur white PVC U-Trim edging traps air in the flutes and helps keep dirt and moisture out when sealed with silicone caulking.


GS-610  4’1″ U Trim $2.40

Galvanized Screws with Neoprene Washers

solexx greenhouse screwsGalvanized screws with neoprene washers provide secure panel attachment. Attach panels to wood and PVC using 1″ white galvanized screws (available in bags of 60, 100, and 500). For securing the panels onto a metal frame, use 3/4″ self-drilling screws (available in bags of 60).

Model # Description


GS-500 1″ White Screws (100/bag) $8.00
GS-520 3/4″ White Drill Screws (100/bag) $8.00
1″ Self-Tapping Screws 1″ (100/bag) $11.00
GS-530 Silicone caulk $7.55